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Dr Bunhead, aka Tom Pringle, turns the science curriculum into a burning, bubbling, exploding ball of fun. Bunhead fires children's imaginations in a way their teachers could only dream of.
Sunday Times

The saviour of British science... you must go to see Dr Bunhead...  You owe it to yourself and your children to experience the silly, crazy, dirty, dangerous and magnificent side of science.
The Telegraph 

A pyrothechnic extravaganza by a master of controlled (one hopes) explosions
The Daily Mail

Dr Bunhead is a master.
The Guardian

Behind the clowning is the brain of first-class science teacher, Tom Pringle, whose shows are carefully choreographed sequences of tension and release, with moments of madness and mayhem interspersed with little sessions that tease out the scientific ideas and misconceptions, build their confidence, and guide them in the right direction.
The Times Educational Supplement

"Tom is entertaining but he’s also a very good teacher.  It’s not all about the performance."
Prof. Jack Jackson, HM Inspectorate - national science specialist, quoted in.
The Times Educational Supplement

Dr Bunhead has done science more favours than David Attenburgh has for our planet. Well, nearly... quite simply fantastic .
Dr Bunhead,  the man who has single-handedly turned science into the coolest subject in school.
The List (Edinburgh & Glasgow)

Amazing... a multi-themed barrage of hilarious contraptions and experiments... one of the most inventive and entertaining acts on the circuit.
The Stage

Stupendous - when was the last time you witnessed the concept of 'the null hypothesis' being explained, successfully, to a five-year-old? 

Parp stunt blows up in doc's face
The Sun


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