BUNSHOWS DIARY: Some places you can see Dr B in the next few months

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Dr. Bunhead has many shows to offer, catering for kids, families and adults. 

All Dr Bunhead's school shows are curriculum-based. Below is a selection of Dr Bunhead shows that are currently available.  

The Bunshows

Bogey Factory

About materials, their uses and properties with added bogeys.

Coal Show

The science of mining safety and how to avoid getting blown up.

Kamikaze Cowpats

Digestion with all the disgusting bits kept in.


The Filthiest Show on Earth

Adults-only tour of the crude science of oil containing scenes of a gratuitous scientific nature.

Funky Fireworks

Guy Fawkes night special on what makes fireworks bang, whizz and change colour.

The First Hamster into Space

Steve the stunt hamster gets blasted into space as we explore the science of flight.



The Leaf Factory

Photosynthesis for beginners featuring the extremely loud banana bomb.

The Exploding Energy Show

Innocent fruit and veg' are demolished as we explore the explosive world of energy and temperature

The Exploding Santa Show

The chemistry of Christmas with lots of bangs - how to turn ordinary Christmas presents into explosively entertaining activities - just how flammable is trifle?

Wacky Water Works

The water cycle, water treatment and pollution with extra mess.

Wild Waste Show

How to stop wasting waste and start making a difference.  The beginners guide to being a bit greener.





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