All sorts of interesting stuff to look at and try on other sites

Crazy Science Videos
Masses of fantastic science demonstration videos to watch and loads of other cool stuff.

Cool Kitchen Experiments
Check out their "Kitchen Science" section, includes cool microwave experiments like how to shrink a crisp packet

Amazing Optical Illusions
The best optical illusions website I've ever seen. Some of the stuff is truly mind-blowing!

Cool Science Photos
Beautiful and amazing photos of science from the competition to capture the most amazing science pictures ever.

The Coke Mentoes Fountain
The Ultimate Diet Coke and Mentoes fountain site. Seeing the totally brilliant Experiment #137 is one thing you must do before you die.

Teachers' Science Demos
A great teachers' resource of chemical egg races for teenagers, classic chemistry demonstrations and much more. All tied to the curriculum and with safety details.

Oddball Science
An oddball collection of science stories and stuff for older kids

Great Gadgets
A fabulous selection of weird and wonderful science toys for sale; including magnetic liquids (ferrofluids), super-strong magnets, Gauss Rifle and loads more.

The Exploratorium
The Exploratorium, in San Francisco, is one of the world's greatest science centres. Check out the "Educate" tab on the home page for bucket-loads of science experiments to try, cool photos and lots more.

More Gadgets
Lots of great science toys and stacks more.

Dr Karl
Features the website of Dr Karl (Australia's leading science communicator) and the brilliant "Great Fart Survey" - including graphs and pie charts to reveal which food and drink make us the windiest

Bill Nye the Science Guy
America's top science communicator. Lots of DIY experiments and science videos for sale

Unusual Science Gizmoes and Gadgets
Run by a man with a passion for fantastic and unusual science toys (includes the wonderfully weird Nitinol shape-memory metal wire). Also worth a look at for a cool shrinking yoghurt pot experiment.

Everything Science
Has loads of science news, activities, competitions, career information and stacks more. It even has an archive of science jokes, although some of them are pretty dire!

Something Completely Different
If you ever get bored of science... (impossible!!!) here's a website full of zillions of other things to do all over Britain. A Godsend for anyone looking after kids with way too much energy and not enough to do, or kids with no enthusiasm for anything, or any kid at all, bored, busy or otherwise.

Dr Bunhead


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